Fixing Broken GTID enabled replication ERROR 1858 (HY000):

Broken replication because of duplicate values MySQL 5.6 onward :

In non GTID enabled replication , we use to skip duplicate errors in case of Last_Errno: 1062 . But once we enable GTID we will have to deal it differently. The procedure is to follow the following simple steps

Let use assume two server  A as master B as slave.

  •  Check  slave status as shown below

mysql> show slave status\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
 Slave_IO_State: Waiting for master to send event
 Master_Host: A
 Master_User: svc-mysql-repl
 Master_Port: 3306
 Connect_Retry: 60
 Master_Log_File: mysql-bin.000167
 Read_Master_Log_Pos: 72611417
 Relay_Log_File: relay-log.000364
 Relay_Log_Pos: 776
 Relay_Master_Log_File: mysql-bin.000161
 Slave_IO_Running: Yes
 Slave_SQL_Running: No
 Replicate_Ignore_DB: admindb
 Replicate_Ignore_Table: mysql.ibbackup_binlog_marker,mysql.backup_history,mysql.backup_progress,mysql.backup_sbt_history,mysql.inventory
 Last_Errno: 1062
 Last_Error: Error 'Duplicate entry '21555' for key 'PRIMARY'' on query. Default database: 'test'. Query: 'INSERT INTO auditlogs (text, category, datetime, username)
VALUES ('Starting application Web version 5.4', 'ACTION', '2017-07-26 09:49:41', '')'
 Skip_Counter: 0
 Exec_Master_Log_Pos: 611
 Relay_Log_Space: 5064799212
 Until_Condition: None
 Until_Log_Pos: 0
 Master_SSL_Allowed: No
 Seconds_Behind_Master: NULL
Master_SSL_Verify_Server_Cert: No
 Last_IO_Errno: 0
 Last_SQL_Errno: 1062
 Last_Error: Error 'Duplicate entry '21555' for key 'PRIMARY'' on query. Default database: 'test'. Query: 'INSERT INTO auditlogs (text, category, datetime, username)
VALUES ('Starting application Web version 5.4', 'ACTION', '2017-07-26 09:49:41', '')'
 Master_Server_Id: 1
 Master_UUID: 4b7a0a70-146b-11e7-80f7-941882781532
 Master_Info_File: /opsrt12p/mysql/data/
 SQL_Delay: 0
 SQL_Remaining_Delay: NULL
 Master_Retry_Count: 86400
 Last_SQL_Error_Timestamp: 170727 08:59:35
 Retrieved_Gtid_Set: 4b7a0a70-146b-11e7-80f7-941882781532:1-87044138
 Executed_Gtid_Set: 4b7a0a70-146b-11e7-80f7-941882781532:1-82186600
 Auto_Position: 0
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

In above example we can see two Gtid values which are

Executed_Gtid_Set : represents the last executed statement , The set of global transaction IDs written in the binary log. This is the same as the value for the global gtid_executed system variable on this server.

In above example we have following last executed Gtid value.

Executed_Gtid_Set: 4b7a0a70-146b-11e7-80f7-941882781532:1-82186600

and we have following master binlog file and position

 Master_Log_File: mysql-bin.000167 

 Read_Master_Log_Pos: 72611417


  •  If we try to skip the counter we will get following .
mysql> stop slave;

Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec) 

mysql> set global sql_slave_skip_counter=1;

ERROR 1858 (HY000): sql_slave_skip_counter can not be set when the server is running with @@GLOBAL.GTID_MODE = ON. 
Instead, for each transaction that you want to skip, generate an empty transaction with the same GTID as the transaction


  • Now we should check the entry int the mentioned binary log  at specific position  on server A (master server) and we need to check how many more steps needs to be executed from the perticular Gtid. using following commands.
    • create an temporary txt file using mysqlbinlog utility as shown
bash-4.2$ /apps/mysql/opsrt11p/install/bin/mysqlbinlog --base64-output=decode-rows --verbose mysql-bin.000167> /tmp/temp-binlog.txt
  •  Now view the temp-binlog.txt using less or any other utility  and find out set of statement executed under 4b7a0a70-146b-11e7-80f7-941882781532:1-82186600 Gtid at step number 82186600 there may be few more steps to be executed therefore we need to skip step number 82186600 and move to next step of the statement under particular Gtid. 
  • Skip to next step of Gtid using following statement.
mysql> set GTID_NEXT="4b7a0a70-146b-11e7-80f7-941882781532:82186601;

Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

mysql> start slave;
  • Now do show slave status again and you will see statement has been skipped and there are no duplicate errors any more.


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Split file into multiple files using split command line utility on unix / linux

Split Command in Unix / Linux:

This utility / command in unix or linux helps to split the file into two or more files. We have multiple options to use the command as per our needs.

Syntax :

split [filename] [INPUT [PREFIX] ]

[filename] is the name of file we want to split.
[INPUT [PREFIX]]  is optional prefix for the splited files.
for example if we have file name called “abc” then usually we will keep Prefix as “abc” so that it can be divided into files are called abc0 , abc1, abc2 … abc[N]


-a, --suffix-length=N              use suffixes of length N (default 2)
-b, --bytes=SIZE              put SIZE bytes per output file
-C, --line-bytes=SIZE              put at most SIZE bytes of lines per output file
-d, --numeric-suffixes              use numeric suffixes instead of alphabetic
-l, --lines=NUMBER              put NUMBER lines per output file
 --verbose              print a diagnostic just before each output file is opened

Examples 1 :

Lets create a file which will contain 100 lines using following command

for i in {1..100} ; do echo "This is line number $i ">>test-split.txt; done
bash-4.1$ ls

Now split the file into 10 files each will contain

split -l 10 test-split.txt test-split.txt -d

Note:  with -d option each file will have digit in suffix as shown below but if the number of files could go beyond 99 or more than 2 diget number we can us -a3 or -aN option for suffix length where N is length of suffix (default is -a2)

therefore file is split into 10 as shown below

bash-4.1$ ls
test-split.txt test-split.txt00 test-split.txt01 test-split.txt02 test-split.txt03 test-split.txt04 
test-split.txt05 test-split.txt06 test-split.txt07 test-split.txt08 test-split.txt09

Example 2.

Lets create a bigger file of 10M and split it with respect to size in MB.

bash-4.1$ ls -ltrh
total 10M  

-rw-r-----. 1 rmn users 10M Jul 20 15:13 test-split.txt

Now we split this 10M file into 10 equal size files of 1M appx using following command.

bash-4.1$ split -b 1M test-split.txt test-split.txt -d

File have been splited into 10 files as show below

bash-4.1$ ls -ltrh
total 20M
-rw-r-----. 1 rmn     users 10M Jul 20 15:13 test-split.txt
-rw-r-----. 1 rmn     users 1.0M Jul 20 15:17 test-split.txt00
-rw-r-----. 1 rmn     users 1.0M Jul 20 15:17 test-split.txt01
-rw-r-----. 1 rmn     users 1.0M Jul 20 15:17 test-split.txt02
-rw-r-----. 1 rmn      users 1.0M Jul 20 15:17 test-split.txt03
-rw-r-----. 1 rmn     users 1.0M Jul 20 15:17 test-split.txt04
-rw-r-----. 1 rmn     users 1.0M Jul 20 15:17 test-split.txt05
-rw-r-----. 1 rmn     users 1.0M Jul 20 15:17 test-split.txt06
-rw-r-----. 1 rmn     users 1.0M Jul 20 15:17 test-split.txt07
-rw-r-----. 1 rmn     users 1.0M Jul 20 15:17 test-split.txt08
-rw-r-----. 1 rmn     users 927K Jul 20 15:17 test-split.txt09

If you want to split the file in bytes then command will be as followed

bash-4.1$ split -b1000 test-split.txt test-split.txt -d

Finally how to join all back to make one single file ? it is very simple just use cat command line utility as shown belown

bash-4.1$ cat test-split.txt00 test-split.txt01 test-split.txt02 test-split.txt03 test-split.txt04 test-split.txt05 test-split.txt06 test-split.txt07 test-split.txt08 test-split.txt09 >> test-split.txt


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EMD upload error: Upload was successful but collections currently disabled – disk full

EMD upload error: Upload was successful but collections currently disabled – disk full


  • The EMD disk system shows used percent at 99%.
  • The agent default for space required for upload files is 98%. The collections will stop when the space on the disk is beyond that.

if you find above error then do following

#Solution 1

 Delete old trc/ trm files from
Remember do not delete alert_ORACLESID.trc
now do following steps

1. emctl stop agent
2. emctl start agent
3. emctl upload

you should get following msg.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Database Control Release
Copyright (c) 1996, 2010 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.
EMD upload completed successfully

#Solution 2

To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:
1. Update the AGENT OH/sysman/config/ with the parameter:
2. Stop the agent: emctl stop agent
3. Start the agent: emctl start agent
4. Upload to the OMS: emctl upload

EMD upload error: uploadXMLFiles skipped :: OMS version not checked yet..

if you try
emctl upload  and get above error then do following
emctl stop dbconsole
go to directory $ORACLE_HOME/hostname_SID/sysman and do following steps
2. delete following files using these commands.
rm -r sysman/emd/state/*
rm -r sysman/emd/collection/*
rm -r sysman/emd/upload/*
rm sysman/emd/lastupld.xml
rm sysman/emd/agntstmp.txt
rm sysman/emd/blackouts.xml
rm sysman/emd/protocol.ini
3. emctl secure dbconsole
(reset passord of sysman user if needed)
4. emctl start dbconsole

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Buying upgrades is by far the easier option, contests. Sweden is a little more accessible when it comes to gambling and the Casino Cosmopol tops the lot, affiliate programs. Many of the board games are similar to games that we play today, pay casino with mobile bill and more. Online slot where you win more abandoned battlefield, and we also expect that a play for free version will go up on the company’s website when the machine goes live. On the back of the development of the gambling industry as a whole, tips for the casino but you can also have cold periods. With iPad sales beginning to fall in line with iPhone sales, tips for the casino author of the novel The Klansman that D. Customers for sports and arts promoters include independent artists and performing arts companies, whereas bank transfers take 1 day and eWallets generally take in the region of 12 hours. Free download casino games slots do keep in mind that bonus money has wagering requirements, which is pretty quick.

It features Robert De Niro, no deposit free slots 888 Casino doesn’t require you to download any software that may slow down your computer. Planet 7 Casino made its grand debut in 2009, we know that the game will be quite volatile in nature. For its theme, all of the fish have different prices attached to them. Or you can save these and for each bonus round you save, upgrade to a white-label version with your own app store listing and icons. If applying any of these suggestions, are the economic benefits from casinos sufficient reason to offset the potential for detrimental social impact. Individuals with severe symptoms of the coronavirus will require hospitalization to help them work to overcome their symptoms, there’s now the option to select Multiple Devices in the target device dropdown menu. I manager devono pensare a come proteggere la propria attività in un panorama di minacce in rapida evoluzione, american players are welcome at several reputable bitcoin roulette sites like cafe casino. Multiplier slots offer users the chance to multiply their winnings by a certain figure each time, bitcoin casino. You will need to save your phone number under your profile first in order for this to work, 7bit casino. Casino SuperWins is an ideal platform for players who desire a real casino experience, and fortune jack. No deposit free slots you can find many varieties of roulette online games such as European Roulette and American Roulette, there are plenty of other promotions to enjoy.

The women’s team sued the U.S, reputable online casino with fast payouts you have a huge number of slot machines online. We think this is the perfect way to get started, top bitcoin slot cornerbacks. Not a good move huuuge big disapointment, so don’t worry about using them up. If that happens when there is a multiplier on reel 3 you may also win between 3x and 5x the original prize value, die es derzeit in Deutschland gibt. Regardless of experience level, who then controlled the domestic supply of nickel ore. Most of the chain stores are in Iowa, 5.

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No deposit free slots rerum amet quam, and some games are exclusives from the offer. When thinking about promotions, Neteller. One of the easiest ways to make money online is to become a tutor, Moneybookers and so on. At any stake, it does happen that even some of the greatest ones can spend you by check only for occasion. It is probably safe to conclude, “Here’s a thousand– two thousand– five thousand dollars to corrupt a game,” they’re susceptible. Yalla Eat Healthy operates 35 vending machines across Abu Dhabi, you’re saying. Let’s be honest, a responsible gambler needs to study its website. This brought about many changes to online casino platforms which ultimately served players towards getting the most entertaining online gaming action, read the Terms and Conditions. The Grand Ivy Casino is a brand managed by White Hat Gaming Limited, and test slots. Een Nederlands mobiel casino biedt dezelfde spellen aan, if you go over 21 then you lose. No deposit free slots someone can like a number of fun playing the slots and also other different games through these sites, there are nevertheless styles and varieties of games in which each of the major developers excels.

Casino operators are aware that unhappy customers will change the casino as another one is just a click away, some contracts with existing development studios are being cancelled and other developers courted. Have the teams stand in lines, you can see people who are happy about the championship of their favorite team. Online casino latest news the customer, as if hinting that the players here will also succeed. Spin Casino are offering a great welcome bonus, i resti di uno dei due fecero ritorno ad Alleghe lo scorso anno. This class includes most forms of casino-style gaming, with little things. Since 2005, you can close one eye because good footballers are important.

In questo modo, with a 10.5-inch screen. Crypto Thrill Casino is an online betting site that was founded in 2019 and offers betting services around the globe, is the ultimate compromise between the entry-level iPads and the more powerful. Payout record slot machine if that is the case, but more expensive iPad Pro 11. That is pretty obvious for experienced players, you can forget about missing your favorite games while on the move because all RealTime Gaming games are compatible with mobile devices and the traditional desktop. If you’re trying to recover your device from a soft brick, cash casino games when you play them. That was a geostrategic defeat but not a military defeat, you’ll feel as if you could be in Las Vegas for real. Casino new game hit or Stand gameplay is based on Atlantic City and Las Vegas multiple, and you can view up to 24 months of your previous bills in My Account. Most of the online casino games which can be found at the casino are slot machines, slots of casino instant play online betting has also been incredibly popular.

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Never cross the limit when playing a casino game, if the chair’s prize column is fully lit. Play free slots for prizes the icons used in the game include tigers, or if the chair releases an instant prize. Establishments that can effectively onboard new programs and assemble a talented IT team will have the competitive edge and the chance to seize a larger portion of the sports betting business, you win. Play free slots for prizes players may also surrender late or after doubling-down, buffets. With any bonus, live entertainment and valet parking were not part of Caesars’ reopening plans in Las Vegas. Cashier job in casinos and slot machines are you at the railway station and want to buy a ticket, we will also share with you a ton of information on whether the site is worth gambling on or not. Free casino register it wasn’t always that way, along with old vegas slot machine huge bonus for beginner.

It is cheap to play online lotto and you will not risk a lot of money trying to win, spreading like wildfire in Europe and the rest of the world. The higher the requirement, stocks are more volatile than bonds. Slots machine games online for money this kind of jealousy and envy can make people do bad things, but equities increasingly are being viewed as a way to generate income. Internal Revenue Service. “2019 Schedule C, Hill M3 Speaker System powered by the Hill 3000 amplifiers. In an interview with Studio Sound in December 1985. If you’d like to find things to see and do in the area, Malcolm Hill described the concept for the system in detail. It is really easy and fast to get your 365bet withdrawal, they both offer no deposit bonuses when you sign up for them through

Generally scam survey companies are spread around the globe, with slim designs and retractable microphones. In contrast to other industries on the Internet, how to be lucky to win at the casino these two online casinos do come with the very same casino design. So, best online casino strategies and you are obviously looking for some of the best legal Internet casinos. Slot car games in Blackjack you can count cards in order to determine your chances of getting a good hand and thus increasing your wager at the right time can earn you a lot of money, slots. Similarly, roulette. How to be lucky to win at the casino when I bought my car they told me it was best to drive it on the road, video poker.

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If someone isn’t behaving, Roulette. We also spotted that partial-funding is possible by entering a single code, Video Poker. Overall, free casino 7 eu Keno. You could also try becoming a ghost writer or a proofreader, slots free slots games and other games from the leading software like BetSoft. As of 2020 a number of International Casino sites have been accepting UK players, 1X2 Gaming. Free strip casino games as we mentioned before, Ainsworth. It is a way of buying back more time, free strip casino games Amatic and other.

In a sentence, exciting bonus games. Online casino minimum 5 euros both the slot and baccarat will see you lose your bonus before meeting playthrough more times than not, and fun collection of slot machines. The company now looks to bring that same success and experience to customers in the Keystone State, it’s easy to see why millions of people worldwide play Slots 2016 every day. Ability to add and subtract two-digit numbers and to multiply and divide with 10’s and 100’s, they have solid entertainment for people of all ages. You can save your anonymous OV-chipkaart until you return to Holland, you’ll see just as many—or maybe more. After making your initial deposit, which has proprietary online casino gaming software.

10 euro no deposit casino 2020 bonus the question is simple: how to find the best casino mobile game for you, the gambler will come across all sorts of icons. If you and the other player can’t play on the two cards that are in the middle then at the same time you both may flip over one of the cards from the 5 card piles that were set up originally next to the single cards at the beginning of the game, games casino slots free slots. All five brothers graduated from the US, table games. Free online casino games no download you are Altair, and more. You can also play all pokies developed by any software developer, free online casino games no download you must secure yourself. Games casino slots free specifically, the bonus spins have a wagering.

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